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3 Places In Northern Ireland That Microwave Your Food

3 Places In Northern Ireland That Microwave Your Food

In today’s post, I would like to mention 3 places in Northern Ireland that without a doubt, nearly 100% of the time if it is hot microwave your food.

I am sure you have heard the word nuke when it comes to heating food in the microwave, there is a reason for this microwaving literally renders food toxic, making the food and nutritional value similar to eating a piece of cardboard.

The waves of radiation from the microwave are toxic and are really bad for our health.  Having worked in the restaurant industry for many years I have seen the way things are done. And the different equipment and practices used when making food.

The thing is it really is not that hard to use a bit of extra effort to serve fresh food instead of nuked toxic food, which looks and seems like it is wholesome home cooking.

One of my favorite places for this is the Pit Stop in Bangor off the Balloo road, they bring out the food put it onto a cold counter and Nuke it in the microwave, this means literally obliterating everything, the only thing that may escape this is the cold desserts and Ulster Fries.

3 Places In Northern Ireland That Microwave Your Food

But who knows they could possibly reheat some of that when needed too.  It really is not that hard to serve food hot, there has been equipment created for many years just for this very purpose so why do they not take advantage of it.

In my eyes, it is just total laziness, yes you can train monkeys easily to slop cold food on a plate put it in a radioactive microwave and press the nuke button. A while ago it was a good bit cheaper the food in the Pit Stop, but then they put the prices up quite a lot and although the food is kinda like home cooking and I would be willing to pay extra for that.  Killing it in the microwave and destroying every cell in the food to poison myself is not something I am really into.  And I really would not recommend it, Instead of paying £8 -£10 for a hot lunch microwaved to death, I would recommend a trip to McBrides on the Square in Comber, where the prices are similar, everything is homecooked.

The decor and atmosphere is lovely, not like being in a cafe diner atmosphere, I just cannot see one reason why I would buy this microwaved junk, instead of a proper homecooked meal in a better atmosphere.  Unless of course, you have an early deathwish.

Another place that loves their Microwave is ground Cafe in Bangor, the crazy thing is everything there tastes amazing, but once again they destroy the hot stuff, by Microwaving it to death, at the end of the day the foods are mainly ciabattas, paninis, toasties wraps.  Using a microwave to cook these is total food desecration, They can buy two or three toastie machines for a couple of hundred quid and pop the paninis in them like what they are designed for.

Okay if you want monkeys that’s fine but even a monkey can operate a toastie machine, no need to impregnate anyone’s toastie with nuclear power blast, we get enough from our cellphones and computers without destroying the food as well.

The third place though it is not a food place as such is the hut beside the car wash on Belfast road in Bangor, they sell drive-through coffee from a shipping container what a great idea.

Unfortunately, one day when ordering a coffee for someone I had the misfortune of ordering a bacon buttie.  This thing was totally obliterated microwaved to death, the bacon was like the sole of a leather army boot and the bread was hard from being over microwaved.


Buy hey obviously whoever set up this drive-through coffee shop wasn’t overflowing in the brains department,  and doesn’t really care if you eat bacon or leather or someone’s boot.

Don’t ask me to give 5 star reviews here for these places as far as I can see toxic microwaved food look-alike substances do not get my five-star rating.

If you spot any more great microwave cookery experts or restaurants cafe’s etc feel free to comment below this post so we don’t get nuked there as well.


3 Places In Northern Ireland That Microwave Your Food

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