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If you have thought about coming to visit Northern Ireland then today’s Post. Will give you some ideas about the different things  you can do when you are here. Even though the weather in Northern Ireland is not always the best, in fact it tends to rain a lot so if you’re coming here make sure you have a coat and umbrella with you as you will probably need it.

If it is your first time visiting Northern Ireland then there are certain traditions you will probably want to experience for yourself. For example the traditional breakfast in Northern Ireland is called the Ulster fry the Ulster Fry consists of fried egg Bacon sausages potato and soda bread and also in many cases Black pudding. I won’t go into the ingredients of black pudding right now but you can look it up on Google if you want to find out  how it is made.

If you happened to visit Bangor in Northern Ireland there is a very busy restaurant called the pit stop and they sell traditional Ulster fries they are situated on the Rathgael road in Bangor.

Similar places that you will want to visit when you’re here are. The folk and transport museum in Cultra which is near Holywood. Another lovely place to visit is Mount Stewart which is on the Portaferry road just outside Newtownards.

Mount Stewart is a very old house in which many members of the aristocracy lived, there are beautiful gardens to walk around if you happen to arrive on a sunny day it is truly amazing. There is also a lovely lake and beautiful trees And flowers everywhere. There is and admittance fee and every half hour or so there is a guided tour to take you around the house and tell you about the history of mount stewart.

Another place I also recommend to visit would be Delamont Park this park is on the way to Newcastle from Comber and is situated just after Killyleagh it is an excellent place to take the children and it is also a great spot to have a picnic or barbecue.

One of my other favourite places is Newcastle in County Down depending on the time of year that you visit there can also be a lot of activities to do.  They have swan boats to entertain the children they also have mini golf there are some beautiful ice cream shops, and also if you’re interested in health there is juice and smoothie bar were you can get any kind of the healthy juice or smoothie they even put fresh wheatgrass in some of them.

Very near to the centre of the town in Newcastle is Slieve Donard Park this park has the walk up  the Side of the Mountain which has lovely Stream and waterfall in some places running alongside it. It can be very tiring to go the whole way up but if you are fit  It should not be a problem. You might just need to take a break a few times along way make sure you to also Bring some water with you or you could also Picnic.

There are also restaurants in Newcastle where you can eat out as well if you do not want  to sit in a restaurant then there are lots of takeaway’s there too as well so you definitely will not go hungry. 🙂

There is also Tullymore forest in Newcastle which is another great place to visit and Another good place for a picnic as well once again there is an entrance fee to get into the forest if you visit regularly you can buy an annual ticket which works out cheaper.

If you still feel that you have energy after doing these different things then if you take the coastal road out of Newcastle you will arrive at the turn off for silent valley this is also an amazing place to visit and definitely something that  you do not want to miss.

If you continue along the Coast Road from Newcastle Will take you to another place called Warren point this is also another Seaside town there are pubs and restaurants in the town it is also quite near to Newry were you will be able to go shopping in the quays shopping centre.

Hopefully that will keep the shoppers in your family out of mischief for a while I hope you find this article useful and feel free to post your comments below and tell us your experiences. Thanks again for your visit to our website we hope to see you again soon.

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