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Top Six Places To Eat In Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland shares both the culture from Ireland and from the United Kingdom, allowing for the highest quality chippies and the best-in-town Ulster Frys. From Irish food to English food to the finest Italian food, Northern Ireland has so many different places to visit and eat in. If you’re looking for the best steak in town or the nicest Chicken tikka masala you’ve ever tasted, you can find it here.

Northern Ireland

  1. Holohans At the Barge, Belfast.
    1 Lanyon Quay, Belfast BT1 3LG

Starting off with some traditional Irish food, this quaint little restaurant located in Belfast is well-known for its great atmosphere and relatively extensive wine list. If you want to try some real Irish food, you can eat the classic fish boxtys which are potato pancakes with salmon or fish, and then finish it off with a large sundae to complete your meal. While you eat, you have a view of the beautiful River Lagan, and you can just sit and relax.

Holohans Boxty

2. The Welcome, Belfast.

22 Stranmillis Rd, Belfast BT9 5AA

This restaurant, opened by the Wong family in 1982, is the oldest family-run Chinese restaurant in all of Northern Ireland. Influenced by Canton culture, this restaurant serves various different foods from Korean style fish and chips to King Prawn spring rolls and soup. The restaurant setting itself is very cosy, with relaxing music in the background. It is a wonderful Chinese to visit if you just want to go to a restaurant and relax in the nice atmosphere.

The Welcome

3. Yaks, Bangor.

48 Abbey St, Bangor BT20 4JA

Yaks have Indian, Nepalese and different Asian options. This restaurant is known for its wonderful curries and biryanis, and the Nepalese chefs are experienced and on another level compared to the other curry chefs in Bangor. Butter chicken, lamb Himalayan masu, and many different Kormas and even vegan and vegetarian options are served here. It is well known as one of the best restaurants in Bangor, and from personal experience, the food is to die for.

butter chicken

4. Spaghetti Junction, Londonderry.

46 William St, Londonderry BT48 6ET

This Italian restaurant serves all the stereotypical Italian food, from pizza and pasta to tiramisu and lemon chicken. Spaghetti junction buys all food fresh from Derry and Donegal and import speciality ingredients directly from Italy. It is authentic and affordable, great for all the family. There are vegetarian options, the food is tasty and varied, and it is just all around a wonderful wee place to visit. I highly suggest visiting whether you like Italian food or not.

seafood pizza


5. Ed’s Bar and Grill, Lisburn.

11 – 12 Lisburn Leisure Park, Lisburn BT28 1LP

Ed’s is an American restaurant suitable for all the family. There is a big variety of different food and drinks and always deals on to help with the cost. Kids can even get tablets to go on so the adults can get some peace. This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Northern Ireland and for good reason. Hundreds of different parties are hosted there every year, and the food is exceptional, with American steaks on offer as well as chicken wings and all the traditional American cuisine. It is not just an American diner though; no, it also has many traditional food options such as Soup of the Day, Spaghetti Bolognese and the classic Roast chicken dinner.

steak eds

6. McCooey’s Cafe, Newry.

22 Monaghan St, Newry BT35 6AA

McCooey’s is a classic Irish cafe, serving Ulster Frys with everything included. Whether you’re here for breakfast or lunch, it is a brilliant cafe to visit with the family or just by yourself. The staff are friendly and efficient, and their Irish Stew is worth the visit by itself. The toasties are great, and the kids will love all of the different items on the menu that are simple yet tasty. Sausages, toast, toasties, bacon and eggs, this cafe has everything you need for a filling breakfast or brunch.

ulster fry

Top Six Places To Eat In Northern Ireland


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