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Things to Do in Belfast

Things to Do in Belfast

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, and gained notoriety during the troubles of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Thanks to the Good Friday peace agreement, the violence has stopped almost entirely, and the city is fast becoming a popular stop for tourists in Ireland.

In recent times, locals have become ever more accepting of tourists to their city, and the community has thrived because of it, with bars, restaurants and hotels cropping up to cater for the increase in demand. It must be said that the locals are not unaware of why people would chose to visit their city, and unlike other cities with similar checkered pasts, they are more than willing to talk about, and show visitors what has gone on. There are now tours, museums and exhibitions charting the history of Belfast and its inhabitants.

One of the most popular tours to spring up in recent times is that of the political murals. Even though the troubles have been virtually wiped out, the quality and the drama of the murals is still a major crowd puller, and for only a few pounds you can visit the best of what the city has to offer.

Accommodation is very reasonable, and as a result of the increase in visitors, there are literally hundreds of bed and breakfast places to stay at, offering good value rooms and a hearty Irish breakfast.

Eating out is also turning into a more cosmopolitan experience with chefs choosing to start up restaurants in the city, and bars wanting to get some of the action that Dublin has been hogging for so long.

Belfast is quickly becoming a destination to visit for fun times as much as for its historical treats. The locals will welcome you, and the experience will be one you will want to repeat!

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Things to Do in Belfast

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