Recommended Businesses In Northern Ireland

These businesses are services we personally do or have used in the past and come highly recommended by us and are not paid advertising they are here because we thought they should be..  🙂

BallyBlack Potatoes

Fruit And Vegetables Delivered Directly To Your Door Here are some of the prices.

Why get ripped off in the big supermarkets when you can get your fruit and vegetables

directly from the farm…

Fresh potatoes and veg delivered to your door!!!!!!
Potatoes £8 a 25kg bag
Carrots 50p per kg
Turnips 50p each
Savoy cabbages 80p each
Large white onions 40p each
……………FREE DELIVERY………………..
Just pm us or call or txt 
Thomas 07821913973
Darren 07754293559

Recommended Businesses In Northern Ireland

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